SAGECO | Studies
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Selected Consultancy Projects


Solar Modules
Acrylonitrile Polymer (ABS)
Acrylic Fibre (PAN)
Acrylonitrile Polymer (SAN)
Phenolic Resins (Novolaks & Resoles)
Amino Resins (Melamine & Urea)
Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)
Acrylonitrile (CAN)
LLDPE Stretch
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Sodium Sulphate
Cotton & Polyester Yarn
Aerosol Based Insecticides
Ion Exchange Resins
Caustic Soda & Ethylene DiChloride
Paraffin Wax Project
PVC Windows & Doors
Polypropylene & Package Wrap Printing
Filling Materials
Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film
Digital Electric Cabinets
Aluminium Wall Cladding & Coil Coating
Steam Boilers
Waste Oil Recycling
Fire Fighting and Fire Detection Systems and Equipment
Steel Poles for Power Transmission, Power Distribution.
GRP Pipe Manufacturing
Seamless Pipes
Steel Drums
Distribution Street Lights
Rubber Products
Drip Irrigation
Treatment & Recycling of Sludge in Saudi Arabia
Agricultural Tractors
Automobile Batteries
Pre-fabricated Building Elements made of Steel
Water Treatment Chemicals
Tomato Processing
Hydraulic Systems
Fish Farming
Tomato Paste
Baby Teats
Baby Food
Reagents for Diagnostic Purposes
ELISA Based Diagnostic Kits
French Fries
Water Treatment Plant
Waste Oil Recycling
TV Antennas
Water & Septic Tanks
Plastic Garbage Containers
PET, PP & PS Based Plastic Packaging.
Plastic Medical Disposable Products
Potato Byproducts
Bakery Products
Hard Confectionery/Swee
Rubber Compound Mixing Plant
Medical Diagnosis Reagents
Intravenous Solution project
Pharmaceutical Products
Chemical Reagents for Blood Screening Kits
Steel Pipes & Sheets
Profiled Steel Beams
Welded Steel Pipes
Tube Mill
Helical Seam SAW Pipes
ERW Steel Pipes
GRP, GRE & RC Pipes
Aluminium Remelt Ingots
Copper Pipes
Irrigation Riser Pipes and Filters
Aluminium Offset Printing Plates
Steel Pipes Coupling
Wall and Pavement Tiles
Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tiles
Marble & Granite Products
Aerated Concrete Products
Vinyl Flooring Tiles
Industrial Waste Disposal and Cleaning
Reverse Osmosis Filtration Plant
Corrugated Board & Boxes
Flexible Packaging
Soyabeans Processing
Potato Chips, Snack Foods & Wafers
Chicken Raising & Poultry Meat Processing
Steel Galvanization
Electric Water Heaters
Submersible Pumps
Conical Poles
Electrical Switchgear Manufacturing
Fluorescent Lamp Fixtures and Ballasts
K-12 Schools
The German Center